If you are looking for a home for Cataclysm look no further

Blackwater is a guild founded by old school PvP players from all the way back when WoW first was released upon the world.
We have alot of experience from playing in world pvp . A while after Wotlk hit we were really not happy about the direction the game was going and had a long break from it before coming back some time ago in the end of the expansion. Now we are really looking forward to Cataclysm and what hope it brings.

Cataclysm is getting closer and closer every day and with the new patch right around the corner there is new hope for the PvP community in the game. In cataclysm we will focus on everything related to Pve, PvP, arenas, world pvp events and of course rated battlegrounds!
The goals of this guild are:
- Giving a home to avid pvp players like myself.
- Having a good and mature community and a lot of fun together.
- Competing in the highest level of rated battlegrounds.
- Housing good arena players.
- Host and participate in world pvp and events.

In the time before cataclysm is released we will prepare by doing some premades and hosting a few world pvp events.

So if you are a pvp player on Ysondre in search of a home, got any questions about the guild don't hesitate to send ingame mail to subdued,stickandmove,cenobite

Guild Master Subdued